Entrepreneur's Survival Guide

Previously, we've featured a chapter from Mark Paul's book for entrepreneurs, "The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide" each month. 

You can get the entire book here.

Table of Contents:

Leadership Effectiveness

  • What Makes a Great Leader
  • Are You Ready for Your Next Level?
  • What are the Core Values of Leading CEOs?
  • Simple Secret to Success
  • Change Leadership
  • Inspiring Followership
  • How to Bankrupt Your Company Without Really Trying
  • Develop Your Strategic Plan in Two Days
Building Your Company
  • How to Build Your Plan
  • How to Build Your Team
  • How to Build Your Story
  • Creating Your Stock Structure
  • Improving Your Credibility
  • The Realities of Raising Money
  • Raising Money in a Tight Market
Improving Marketing and Sales Performance
  • The Real Value of Market Research
  • How to Maximize Revenue
  • How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI
  • Strategic Selling Skills for the Technology Entrepreneur
Improving Operational Performance
  • Organizing for the Customer
  • Achieving Peak Company Performance
  • How to Hire the Best
  • How to Predict the Future
  • How to Manage Projects for Optimal Success
  • Solutions for the New Millenium
  • Reasons Why Some Organizations Perform Poorly
  • Affinity Diagramming Defined
  • Venture Teams Defined
  • Program Management Glossary
  • The "Physics" of Marketing
  • Must-ask Questions: before you start!
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